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Yagna with Swami Shantananda (Oct 2011)

An Amazing Navaratri

By Shruthi Vaidyanathan(Grade 9 Balvihar student)
Navaratri at the Chinmaya Mission Vancouver this year was one of the best. We had so much fun.

The day started off with regular classes where we learnt about the significance of Navaratri. After an hour of interesting and fun-filled lessons, we did a quick round of Chinmaya Aarti and got ready to start the best part of the day: "the rangoli contest".

It was family versus family in a competition to make the best geometrical design. Our 45 minutes started. There were so many different materials and designs. Birds made out of rangoli powder, triangles made out of coloured rice, and circles made out of grated and diced vegetables were created and presented in an array of colours. There were also flowers made out of grains and flower petals, stars made from building blocks and Play-Doh, and then the usual rangoli one sees at Indian homes during festivals. There was a burst of creativity in every pattern.

The judges, Jayaji and Triptiji, picked two winners. The runner- up was a colourful and vibrant symmetrical design made from carefully coloured rice. And the grand winner was the circular design made entirely out of diced and grated purple and white cabbages, carrots, pumpkins, and radishes adorned with a corn in the middle.

After the exciting and colourful competition, everyone had an amazing lunch with the most delicious food.

This Navaratri celebration at the Chinmaya Mission was truly the best ever.

"Guruji's visit to Vancouver - Jun 2011 "
From Jun 14 - Jun 19th 2011, we had the privilege of being bestowed with Guruji's presence and blessings here at Vancouver. Every evening for 6 days he gave discourses on the holy Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 17. We were all Arjuna's, caught in our daily life and limited minds, listening to Guruji's simple yet profound rendition of what makes up true faith - the nature of one who is Saatvik.

For some of us who were listening to Guruji for the very first time, what stood out was his simplistic approach to complex verses. Each day we left feeling that much closer to understanding the essence of the teachings.

On the very final day, the Vancouver Bal Vihar children welcomed Guruji with Slokas. There also performed 2 skits, the life of Gurudev - the formation of Balvihar, by the little children(5-7 years) and 'Trishanku Swarg' by the older kids (8-13 years).

Enjoy the pictures!
"At the Yagna"
"With Balvihar students"

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