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Bhiksha given to the Swamiji's at the World workers conference in Vibhooti - December 2012
Yagna by Swami Chidatmananda - Oct 2012
Chinmaya Mission Navarathri Celebrations 2012 -
Rangoli Day - By Subbu Janaswamy, Grade 9, 14 years old

Today was a festive and fun day which vibrated with Indian culture and reverberated around the room. To celebrate the happy occasion of Dipavali, the victory of good (Ram) over evil (Ravana). There were many beautiful rangolis but only one could be chosen to be the winner.
The first Rangoli was a beautiful medley of different colours of leaves that jived together to create a stunning finished product.

The next Rangoli was made out of colored sand in the formation of a large chandelier. It was nice to see a contrast of colors in a formation so commonly seen.

Another Rangoli exhibited was made out of colored rice placed in a way to create a flowery shape.

The next rangoli was made of Canadian Maple Leafs arranged in a windy shape.

The next Rangoli was made of Beans and Lentils. It was a very creative use of food.

All in all, it was a day filled with fun and enjoyment as everyone big or little made Rangolis and just had fun!

Chinmaya Mission BalVihar Day 2012 - By Subbu Janaswamy, Grade 8, 13 years old
Chinmaya Mission BalVihar Day celebrated on the 19th of May, 2012 was an enormous success that will be cherished in years to come. It was an awesome day that was filled with love, learning, and laughter.

At the start of every important event, we pray to Lord Ganesha to remove any obstacles. Today was no different; as we had all the younger students invoke the presence of all the different deities through chanting and the explanations of the shlokas to enlighten everybody who was sitting in the room.

After the chanting of a few Shlokas followed by Guru Stotram, we started off the program with a bang.Master of Ceremonies Raaj announced the first item, which was a beautiful dance “Mukunda Mukunda Krishna”. The girls’ persistent hard work was showcased beautifully in this harmony of music and dance which enthralled one and all.

Next, we had a short but interesting skit entitled “Child Stars”. It was about two kids, Aditya and Vikrant, who meet Sage Naradha and realize that with determination, dedication, and devotion, anything is possible. This was a valuable lesson that all of us learned from this skit.

After this, we moved on to the final part of the program, where individuals showcased their own talents and skills in the talent show. We had many excellent performances here, which ranged from devotional music to the piano and the trumpet as well. We also had some people chant their favourite shlokas.
All in all this was an excellent and joy-filled event. We all look forward to more events like these put on by Chinmaya Mission Vancouver in the near future.

Sri Rama Navami Celebration - Apr 2012

How did you celebrate Ram Navami? By Tanvi Adithan - Grade 5, 10 years old
I celebrated Ram Navami with my friends at Bal Vihar.
We began with singing the Hanuman Chalisa to all the adults. I am sure Hanumanji was listening.

We then, had a contest where all the children were dressed up as characters from the Ramayan. I had dressed up as Sita in exile. My brother was Bharat with Ram’s padukas that he had made. My friend was Sita after the coronation. She looked so beautiful. We also had a small and pretty Sita in exile and a tiny, cute Kausalya. There were 3 heroic Rams, 2 handsome Lakshmans complete with bows and arrows, and one energetic Hanuman with a long, swishing tail. Then, there was fierce Kumbhakarna with a huge moustache and a scary sword.

The judges said they had a tough time deciding the prizes, but we had a great time dressing up! The celebration ended with delicious Prasad. We had so much fun that we are already looking forward to our next celebration!

Balvihar story - Ram Navmi By Vedanshi Vala - Grade 5, 11 years old
Balvihar students had been learning about Ramayan this year. To celebrate their study, it was decided to conduct a costume contest on the birthday of Shri Ram. Each student had a choice to dress up as a character from Ramayan. I dressed up as Sitaji. It was an exiting event to see participants dressed up as various characters. Our teachers judged their performance, announced the winners and distributed the prizes.

It was a very exciting and inspiring occasion. I look forward to similar events in the future.
Hari Om.

Bhagawad Gita chanting competition 2012 conducted by Samskrita Veena Foundation

Many of the Chinmaya Mission Vancouver's Bal Vihar students participated in Gita Shloka Pratiyogita on Jan 14th, 2012. There were more than 200 people who supported this program.

Out of 10 winners in 5 year to 20 year age group 7 children were from CMV Bal Vihar!
That is something to be proud about.

Event started with the 31 and above age group in which our beloved Bal Vihar teacher Lila Mehta won the first prize. The other groups included the 6-12 age group and the 13 – 20 age group. Following are the Bal Vihar students who won various prizes

Grand Gita Finale Winners
Third Prize Divya Krishnan and Nikitha Sivaram.

6-12 age group
2nd Prize Vedanshi Vela
3rd Prize Nikitha Sivaram
4th Prize Sharan Vaidyanath

12-20 Age group:
2nd Prize Divya Krishnan
3rd Prize Subramanyam Janaswami
4th Prize Drishya Krishnan
5th Prize Shruthi Vaidyanathan

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